Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill

After working in the film and television industry for over a decade, Paul Richman and Stephen Hill launched @motion at the beginning of 2012. With a shared vision for slick, well shot videography with the high production values that had always been demanded during their careers, they have a strong passion for creative and cinematic filmmaking.

@motion was started based on a simple ethos: Match the innovation, production values and attention to detail of the country’s leading planners and production teams. Their first year saw them produce films for huge corporations such as NBC to high society weddings and much more. “Our goal is to bring the big budget look and feel of commercial brand campaigns to events and exhibitions. We work on the assumption our films have to be good enough for cinema or broadcast TV. The client of today has a more discerning eye then ever before and we take great satisfaction in helping them realise and exceed their ambitions for their films.”

@motion are based in North London and are available to film anything at all – from weddings, bar mitzvahs and parties through too time-lapse films, corporate events, promos and much, much more!

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