Sadie Rose

Sadie Rose

Sadie Rose is the industrious, passionate driving force behind the florist that bares her name. Meticulous, talented and innovative, she ensures that nothing ever leaves her doors without it being of the highest quality.

Educated and trained at some of the most prestigious florists in London, Sadie Rose has developed a fine range of techniques and skills that have ensured she has brought an unrivalled level of expertise and quality to her work. Based in the heart of London’s Camden passage, her floral arrangements have become renowned for their ability to captivate and entice.

Driven by a passion to tailor a client’s needs, whims and desires to the finest detail, she creates bespoke packages and designs that will ensure your special occasion has the floral elegance that it truly deserves. Inspired by design, colour, architecture and indeed your own personal tastes, Sadie Rose prides herself on her commitment to ensuring that your experience with her is seamless in its quality.

Whether you lean towards vintage, rustic, exotic or contemporary styles, going above and beyond is a matter of course and Sadie Rose will work alongside you to create flowers that you will never forget.

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