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I’m very excited to be sharing with you the talent and opportunity to win a pair of Freya Rose shoe clips.

A woman’s appreciation of “good things” is central to who she is, this is my theory and I’m sticking to it; but let me explain a little further to you my thought process before you begin laughing out loud at me.

I’ve never been ashamed to buy myself that decadent little something on a special occasion to make me smile and neither have most of my girlfriends;. You know when you hear that tiny little inner voice whispering seductively to you “you deserve it”.

Now this is the bit where you roll your eyes and smile sweetly, thinking to yourself I know that feeling all too well.

So now I know you get it, I can exhale and let go of my panic. As I know, you know what it’s like to be unable to control your “inner pixie” (this is the name I gave for my behaviour when I spend a little, “oh too much!”). And I now know you are ferociously nodding with me and agreeing a wedding is the perfect excuse to be totally “pixie” for a sustained period of time and feel incredibly normal about it. That extra spend on that perfect dress, lip gloss and those oh so gorgeous shoes… was essential, wasn’t it?

Over the next few months I am sure you will hear yourself loudly protesting, “It’s for the wedding!” to anyone who may dare to question any purchase you make and this one statement becomes your “mantra” and should muffle even the fiercest of critiques.

So where is this all going? I am preparing you for one very special spend, your wedding shoes of course.


Now we all know people who may not understand shoes and their importance and feel this is a totally frivolous spend, and as Tigerlily is your best wedding friend we like to arm our readers with the skills they require to feel empowered and deal with any shoe hecklers that they may encounter, standing on the sideline and trying to derail your perfect shoe purchase. I say that with a rather large smile on my face, knowing that you now truly understand how incredibly pixie I really am.

High heel shoes, epitomize for me glamour and the feeling of being amazing, there is nothing I cannot deal with when I have my heels on. As one of my shoe-loving heroines, Carrie Bradshaw said “I’m not afraid of heights… Have you seen my shoes?”

So it can’t be a bad thing, right?

Four years ago I was drifting around the Designer Wedding Show when I met Freya Rose. Her stand was a real little treat for my senses, I remember holding one of her creations and talking to her and feeling a little engulfed by shoe beauty. This was a true shoe artisan I thought and I loved everything about her designs, they had just the right heel height, she only used the finest leather that was just so soft you couldn’t stop stroking it and then there were the perfectly hand-sewn glistening jewels. The overall perfection of this delicate shoe, I held in my hands took my breath away.

Born into a family of fine jewellers, Freya was surrounded by creative artistic references and inspiration but also the highest levels of craftsmanship, using luxury stones and metals, so it was in her DNA to use only the best materials, experiment and create. So it’s no surprise when you see her bejewelled and opulent embroidered designs, that it was meant to be.
So what was the story?


After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree from the London College of Fashion, Freya went on to hone and perfect her design skills whilst working for high‐end designers like Gina. She was then ready to go it alone; so she began designing and spent time building up an enviable supplier’s little black book of skilled craftsmen in ethical environments to help her bring her creations to life.

And as the years and collections evolved so did Freya Rose shoes and today she is, well as I call her a “Shoe Couturier”. She has worked on some of the most exciting high profile collaborations with companies like De Beers and is stocked in some of the finest boutiques, so she has earned this title.

Each year her collections for me become even more perfect, and I’m pretty excited for you all to see the new 2015 collection; which will be launched at the White Gallery in April. I’ve seen some of the new designs and I can share exclusively with you there are lots of muted gold and metallic tones, some of the most beautifully encrusted and finely embroidered designs using rare and unusual materials which you will ever see. I go as far to say they qualify to be a little work of art, in their own right.

Freya rose snow rose shoe clips For me Freya’s, fairy dust shoes, which are my favourite; conjure up that magic that stirred in me as a child when I read the fairy tale Cinderella and I wanted to wear that perfectly dainty glass shoe. Freya’s designs are really that beautiful and have this effect on you.

So ladies, wear your shoes as a declaration of all the things you hold dear, find beautiful and love and walk proud on your wedding day, safe in the knowledge that pixie is good.

We’re also super pleased to announce, we have a beautiful pair of Freya Rose Snow Rose shoe clips for one of our lucky readers to win. The Snow Rose’ shoe clip is handmade with intricate, hand embellished fine ivory milk bugle beads and crystals. So for your chance to win, please answer the question below.

This competition has closed and our lucky winner was notified.


Photography Freya Rose

Words by Penelope Cullen Tigerlily Weddings 

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