The Rock Goddess

The Rock Godess

It is fair to say that there are a lot of Bridal Jewellery and Accessory Designers around.

It is fair to say that some are better than others.

It is fair to say that, no matter what your budget, you’re going to be able to find something that you like (this is a good thing).

It is fair to say that, there are occasions in amongst the appliques and diamantes, the Swarovski crystals and the freshwater pearls that you (shhhhhh) can’t always tell one designer from another.

It is fair to say that no matter how many bridal headpieces you see, Natasha Jane’s designs don’t need to bear her name to be instantly recognisable as hers and hers alone. With a background in fashion design a few years ago she took the move into Bridal Headpieces. And we are so glad she did. Talking to Natasha it is clear just how much passion she has for what she does, but also how much integrity. In a market that can be a hard nut to crack, and very easy to make the move towards the safer collections that have more mass appeal Natasha stays utterly true to herself and her vision.

It is also fair to say we might have developed a teensy bit of a designer crush having been introduced to, and frankly caught drooling over, her amazing new collection…. (Penelope can be quoted to have said ‘Oh my God, these images make me feel sick how quickly can we get this written up?’).

Prepare yourself readers, this is a goody.

The Goddess Collection from Natasha Jane uses structure, it uses crystals, it uses diamante, so far, so bridal… but then it catches you by surprise, as amongst the obligatory bridal-y beads and settings you are slapped right between the eyes with studs.

Yes, that’s right Studs.

Full on, high fashion, punk studs. Studs that you would normally find embellishing high heels, leather jackets and vintage denim have unpredictably cropped up in a Bridal Collection… And not just to be different and quirky, but because somehow (and this is where we take our metaphorical hats off to Natasha, while all the time wishing we were, in fact, taking off the Rhea headdress rather than something as mundane as a hat) they intrinsically work. In an exciting move away from all that is traditional (and yet somehow still creating a bridal look) there is a level of structure and depth to her designs… It is a collection that, while undoubtedly niche and not for every bride, is unquestionably innovative, original and fresh. It pays no attention to the trends that so many designers feel obliged to adhere to (more Gatsby anyone?!), it paves its own way forward, creating a new direction for fashion-forward brides to be… and yet with that is somehow completely, and naturally bang on trend.

We caught up with Natasha Jane to talk through what inspires her, and how she came up with her delectable new collection… Oh, and she happens to have a pretty big treat for you Tigerlily readers in giveaway…

Rock Godess

We are totally adoring the Goddess collection where did you get you’re inspiration from, for this beautiful collection?

“I really drew inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite and Greek Goddess aesthetic. I like to combine two different inspirations that you might not normally put together [her last collection was Art Deco and Egyptian inspired]. I love that in the Pre-Raphaelite paintings they have these soft fleshy women, with their perfect flowing hair, but if you look closely there is a real strength behind the eyes: they look soft and they look delicate, but there is a real hardness and strength that comes from them.

“I picked up on the Greek influence in terms of wear the headpieces are worn – slightly forward on the head, the leaf motif on the side. All the pieces are named after Greek Goddesses, and again, there is a real strength there, which is a really big part of this collection.”

What is your personal journey and process in designing your accessories for brides?

“I knew that in this collection I wanted to use bigger beads. I wanted to use larger crystals so I drew around them and made templates during the design process. I looked at pictures for inspiration, and I was actually really inspired by a previous photo shoot I had done – the colours that there were there set me off in the direction that I went.

“I said to people that I really wanted to use Studs in this collection. And half of them looked at me as though I was mad, and the others were really enthusiastic, and then said ‘are you sure it’s very bridal?’. I wanted to take risks and do something a bit different, and I know that it has to be the right Bride for the pieces, but it really does work.

“After choosing materials and drawing up designs I whittle them down to start making up the samples for the collection. In the process of making up samples, you find yourself making changes, realising things don’t work. You can get a long way into making up a piece and think it will never work. And sometimes it doesn’t! But then sometimes it comes together. Just have to pray that it works!

“At this stage some pieces have to go, it might be that it just takes too long and is too complicated to be repeatable, or it might be that it just doesn’t look right. And then you have the collection.”

Rock Godess2

How do you ensure that your design style evolves, stays fresh and passionate?

“I am my own worst critic. I constantly push myself, and I make a real effort not to look at what other designers do, or what is selling well for other people because it can really influence what you do, and water down your design aesthetic. The market that I design for is slightly left of the mainstream, so for me to I have to stay true to myself.”

Any Accessories Faux Pas you’d rather forget?

“This is a hard question – we’ve all worn really bad stuff sometimes! I suppose my worst is that I have my lip pierced, and in my early twenties I wore a really really big spike in it. Which was pretty aggressive. And in hindsight a bit chavvy…”

Rock Godess3

Is there any bride to be (past, present or future) who you would have loved to, or love to design accessories for on their wedding day?

(Her response is instant!) “Paloma Faith! I don’t even know what her status is marriage-wise, but I would love to have any sort of role in designing something for her. Her stylist Karl Willett is amazing – I follow him on Twitter and am so excited that he follows me back. I love that she can just rock anything. You can put her in anything and she just looks and is amazing. As a designer, you work so hard to get recognition for what you do, and she and her stylist choose and reward new and young designers even when they are small. I am desperate to work with her!”

Tell us a surprising fact about yourself…

“I can quite happily eat six Krispy Kreme donuts in under twenty minutes.”

What makes you smile?

“When I get a bespoke design commissioned or a new stockist. The faith that those people are putting in me makes me smile a lot. I love what I do, and it’s such a good feeling that other people believe that I can make their vision into reality. It can be so hard when you are designing to break into the press and to choose which blogs to work with…. It is hard, so when someone wants to work with you it’s amazing.

I have three stockists, and I am so lucky with them. They understand and love what I do, and the faith and the belief that they and any bespoke customers put in me, is what makes me smile.”

Rock Godess

The Credits

Words by Harriet Rouse Tigerlily

Photography by Holly Booth Photography

Venue Strutts School

Accessories and styling  Natasha Jane & headbands used in the shoot were Rhea, Kalista, Adonia and Kari.

Dresses Belle & Bunty

Make-up Artist  HeatherWhite

Hair  Martin & Jess at Hedshed 

Models Chelcie Gascoigne & Isabella Roberts

The Competition


This competition has now closed and our lucky winner notified.

So we also have a lovely give away for our Tigerlily readers courtesy of the fabulous Natasha Jane.

You can win the delicate and beautiful Pegasus necklace. this has two delicate strings of white glass beads with three round Swarovski crystals. It then has a Pegasus wing Swarovski crystal drop finished with Silver plated jewellery wire and a silver plated toggle clasp.

To win the Pegasus necklace answer our simple question below.

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