The E Shoot


The E Shoot

An engagement or pre-wedding shoot is a chance to get some SERIOUSLY beautiful photographs of you together as a couple. It’s a chance to practice your poses and to get familiar with being photographed and for us each to get to know each other. It is almost like the rehearsal of your bride & groom portraits. Like doing most things in life it’s much less daunting second time around… And you’ll be surprised at how much fun having your portrait done can be and how great you can look in photos.


The best location for your pre-wedding shoot will depend on what your photographer recommends. Personally, I love to shoot outdoors, in gardens and wild landscapes. So I will guide my clients towards that… However the weather is not always on our side in the UK, and so I have some dry and indoor locations up my sleeve when required. Hannah & Matt’s Pre Wedding Shoot took place on a rainy February in London and so I needed to be super creative! I photographed the couple under an umbrella, in a pretty cafe – and even indoors in Penelope’s home. This resulted in beautiful intimate images where the focus is really on the couple & their connection.


How to choose a location? Well, perhaps there’s a location that’s special to the two of you, the place you got engaged, the area you live in, or simply love visiting together. Or ask your Photographer to use their experience and knowledge to suggest some amazing locations that will give you that perfect backdrop for photos. Personally, I am always looking for great light and quieter locations where you can focus on each other for this intimate shoot.


Many of my clients come to Ibiza for their pre-wedding shoot, I really can not recommend coming to Ibiza more highly: the landscape, the colour palette, and light are truly magical and it’s a chance for the two of you to spend some precious time away together. I also love to share the island I have fallen in love with, with others! From sun-kissed beaches to wild valleys, from trees laden with oranges to the flower-filled countryside with the smell of pine and lavender, there are so many beautiful locations to choose from. It could be the world heritage site of Dalt Vila in ancient Ibiza Town, Cala d’Hort beach at sunset opposite the mythical Es Vedra, one of the pretty hilltop white-washed villages with their ancient churches, or an epic landscape with sweeping red cliffs overlooking the sunset.


If you want to take things a step further, chat with your photographer about creating a styled shoot – they may recommend working with a stylist who will pull in props and accessories and work together with your Photographer to choose a location. Having your hair and make up done professionally is a must: you will look and feel your best, and that confidence will translate across in your photographs. I often suggest clients schedule their hair or make up trial for the day of the pre wedding shoot. If you are on a budget department store make up counters, like Mac, offer affordable make overs, or I recommend booking a recommended hair & make up artist. I often liaise with my clients about outfit choices and what will work best for the shoot.


Most of all relax and enjoy the experience, focus on each other, and trust your Photographer. Having a portrait session together is a precious way to honour your relationship, create some beautiful memories and celebrate the love you have. Enjoy it!



Photography by Polly Alexandre

Words By Polly Alexandre

Hannah’s Hair Wonderful Wedding Hair 

Hannah’s Make up Make up By Katy

Shoot styling & design and locations scouted by Penelope Cullen Tigerlily weddings 

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