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Last Thursday I woke a lot more excited than usual as later that day, I was going to be attending the press launch of Stewart Parvin’s flagship Bridal Boutique, which was celebrating its first year of opening.

Stewart Parvin is one of the UK’s leading bridal designers and a couture master, he has been working with a prestigious list of clientele throughout his career and is the go-to designer for the concise savvy bride.

I have always adored Stewart’s work and was really looking forward to getting up close and personal to his amazing gowns. When I arrived at the boutique I pretty much started my exploration of the rails stuffed full of beauty, immediately and with no shame.

As I looked through his amazing collection, what I loved about his work and each of his creations was their pure extravagance but also their understated luxury. It felt as though each gown was quietly beckoning me over saying “come spend some time with me”.

Stewart’s work is breath takingly, mesmerising, there were so many gowns to marvel at and I got truly lost in, admiring all the details and his design choices that made every gown feel unique and loved.

In my mind this is always the best way to be in your work, you want to capture people, their imagination and the experience you are creating for each bride with this very special gown. As a lifetime full of memories will be tied up in that gown for the bride forever.

I feel Stewart’s true art and craftsmanship is demonstrated in all of his choices from his stunning fabrics to the shimmering petite beads used for some of his softly structured dresses to the immaculate finish of all of his gowns.

I loved the thoughtfulness of each dress which clearly demonstrated he thought about every woman, her shape and the bridal dress experience women really want, all of which are truly embraced within his designs and is intuitive to him as a designer.

For me, Stewart met all these exacting criteria within his beautiful and very clever collection that simply sashayed from whimsical to high glamour, in a whiff…

I felt so privileged to meet him and spend time with his amazing and dedicated team and want to thank them for inviting Tigerlily weddings to their event.

Lisa Jane and I have pulled together a little “Tigerlily Adore List” for you so we could share just a little bit of the magic we experienced last week with you. However I would like to add these pictures really do not do Stewart’s gowns justice, they have to be seen…

To experience the magic of Stewart Parvin and his designs please contact the boutique to book your bridal consultation on 0207 589 5529 or email

Stewart Parvin Wedding Dresses

Stewart Parvin Press Launch

Stewart Parvin Wedding Dresses

StewartParvin Wedding Dresses

Stewart Parvin

Stewart Parvin Press Launch

Stewart Parvin

Stewart Parvin

Photography by Lisa Jane Photography

Words by Penelope Cullen Tigerlily weddings 

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