PS-1024x637Once upon a time long long ago, there was no internet and there were no blogs, we catch our breath. If you wanted to buy anything you went to a high street. High streets weren’t pedestrianized, and they didn’t have coffee shops. They had actual real life shops and independent businesses. Oh and roads right through them.

But as was often the case, the real artisans, the lovers of detail, of making, of craft, of design found it hard to make a living on the High Street. They became disillusioned, because they knew if only everyone could see their wares, they would love, covet and want them too. But without coverage in the major press, this wasn’t easy. Major press cost major pounds… It was classic catch 22.

Without boring you about technological breakthroughs (reader, you are living in a time that history will look back on and call the technological revolution in the same way that we look back on steam and industry and call it just that: revolution) we’ll fast forward to three to five years ago.

Not only were sites like Etsy up and running (and now, in 2014 thriving), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and camera phones all meant sure we could share our finds with friends and like-minded lovers of yummy things: the market and the creative makers came together like magic.

And within this of course came blogs. Blogs that shone a spotlight on relatively unheard of artisans and creators. People and concepts that have become brands. And The Wedding Industry became central to this: a new way to plan your wedding, to garner inspiration, and to meet suppliers: this wasn’t like magazines where the only editorial was given to advertisers (more often than not), there were amazing fresh unheard names given a platform to reach 1000s of people (and by them, we mean you).

There are now a lot of blogs. About absolutely everything. Google wedding blog and you will have pages of search results. Which is fine. But it got us thinking. Where do we fit in? How and – more importantly – are Tigerlily different?

Well, Tigerlily is no different from any other business. The brands that you’ve heard of (and hear of) all over the blogosphere (hate that word almost as much as liquorice) have been around for years. But in the same way that there are new dress designers, new bridal boutiques, new Florists like our own Sadie-Rose (she was only born in 1991 so it’s not like she could have been featured on the early posts in blogs), so there are new blogs too, or as we like to call ourselves, a journal. And we are all about championing every business and creator that we love. The old and established, the up-and-coming, and the brand spanking new. We’ve featured businesses that are really very new such as Knot and Pop, and we’ve featured, and interviewed the very experienced the utter hero of bridal couture that is Stewart Parvin. The common thread? We genuinely love them.

You see we care quite a lot about what and who we feature, and so we are you see, a little bit different. The brainchild of Penelope Cullen, wedding design queen, keeper of a Pedigree Chihuahua (Mr Pickles, you’ll meet him later on in this post if you haven’t already), and part of wedding planning and wedding design royalty (she didn’t say that I did, so she has to print it). Love Scarlett is all about giving a platform to talent. We don’t ask that you pay us to feature you, we don’t ask that you give us exclusives (but if you want to, that’s fine!). We are a team. We are partners in the wedding Industry loveliness, and we want you to come and join us.

Read our musings, comment about what you’d like to see, be staggered by the beauty of the artisans and designers that we will cram our pages with (and cram we will). We will give the space to images that they deserve (Tamara, co-founder of Mr and Mrs Smith said to us, and we quote ‘I’ve seen our images 100 times before, and I take them for granted, but the space that you gave them, and the fact there was nothing to interfere visually with the images combined with the writing made me fall in love with them all over again’).

And that, that is why we’re different. Because design comes first, and the other business stuff, well that comes way down the list.

So join us. Submit your real weddings, write to us about what you do, why you’re different. Make our jaws drop down onto the keyboard causing all manner of typos on our Twitter feed with the insane beauty of your styled shoots. If it’s wedding related, we want to see it. We want everyone to see it, and we want to be your platform to do it.

Remember folks, we’re a young blog, but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in us, and more importantly you. 2014 is going to be really rather brilliant.

Keep it fancy, daily (well Monday to Friday – you’ve got to give us that!).

Lots of love always

Tigerlily x

Sneak Peek

We’re getting rather excited about Mondays post, we have an exclusive from the very talented team at Chez Bec showcasing their 2014 accessories collection. Here is a little sneak peek for you all, to get you in the mood for Monday.


Pin BoardThere was a much calmer approach to our “pin loving addiction ” this week at Love Scarlett HQ. But we would still love to point out, we still captured lots of wedding inspiration and pretty for you all to enjoy. This week we have been adoring the “all white” wedding colour palette. To keep an eye on our latest pins, be sure to follow us here Tigerlly Pinterest.





headress 3


Bright StarWe’re proud, ever so proud today.

Why, you ask?

One of Tigerlily’s very dear friends is on the cusp of launching her “spankingly awesome” wedding stationery company called “Lola & Blush.”

Rebecca has given us a little pre-launch glimpse to share with you all, but we can promise you “Lola & Blush” will be stuffed with lush colour palettes, luxurious paper, exquisite invite designs and hand finished details that will make you swoon.

Lola & Blush

Wedding Photos for LS OPTION1

Wedding Photos for LS OPTION4

Wedding Photos for LS OPTION2

flutterForget false lashes, the perfect mascaras are out there ladies. We wanted to take the pain out of finding “the one” for our readers as you have already had to do that with your hubby to be. So here it is, Tigerlily’s top 10 “hit list” of tried and tested mascaras that will make you flutter.


  1. Chantecaille Faux Cils
  2. Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara
  3. Tom Ford Extreme Mascara
  4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara
  5. YSL Mascara Volume Effect Faux Babydoll
  6. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara
  7. Chanel Sublime de Infinite Length and Curl
  8. Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Mascara
  9. D.J.V Fiberwig
  10. Lancome Hypnose Mascara

So Darling

We’re adoring Charlotte Mills shoes, love hearts provided the inspiration for her début collection.Charlotte has used a wide range of techniques within the 12 styles in her collection, from laser cutting to appliqué and embroidery.

Each shoe is handmade in Spain using the finest materials such as Italian kid suede, silks, mesh, metallic and pearlised leathers and our embellished with bows, embroideries, appliqués and Swarovski crystals. From peep toes to sandals & court shoes and offering a variety of heel heights, their is a shoe to suit every bride in this collection.

We are also rather “in love” with Charlotte’s cute finishing touches of a silver sixpence and an embossed sole reading, “Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue.”



We’re rather adoring “the layers of trust” dress from Peter Langer’s 2013 collection. A silk georgette mermaid gown with cut rows and lots of tiny little folds to a accentuate a brides silhouette. With an ever so delicate draping on the shoulders and back that looks utterly divine.



Need to know

So our “need to know” this week is the fabulous mid-season sale over on Olivier Laudus, some items are reduced by up to 50% , so get shopping ladies.


Mr P

Dear Mr pickles b&w 2

Mr Pickles run’s a weekly wedding surgery on Tigerlily on a Friday. If you have any wedding questions please make sure you email him at

Dear Mr. Pickles,

Please help me. In my many years as a single gal and before I met my future husband, I had several boyfriends. I am still very fond of many of these exes, but unfortunately, these sentiments are not shared by my parents who openly despise most of them. They especially hate the ones who went out with me FOR YEARS and did not propose.

The thing is, in the spirit of ‘forgive, forget and watch me get married’ I’d like to invite some of these old flames to my wedding. My future husband doesn’t mind, as he realises my heart belongs to him. But I daren’t mention this plan to my mother and father who are shelling out several thousand pounds on my Big Day.

So, do I leave my old amours off the guest list or sneak them into the back of the church in the hope my mum doesn’t notice..?

Help me, Mr. Pickles, I am deeply confused.

Love Samantha x

Dear Samantha,

Thank you so much for writing to me.

There are so many ways to look at this and I have pondered long and hard on your question. And after careful consideration and countless counter-arguments that have gone on in my head, I kept returning to my initial reaction which is “NO” do not invite your exes to your wedding.

These are my thoughts, why

Whilst your wedding is about you and your future husband, you also have to think beyond yourself and your wants and feelings and think about the happiness of others.

When you and your husband have been planning the wedding, I am sure you have poured over every little detail, like “What would be the best white wine to accompany the monk fish?”

“What music should we play at the reception that all our guests would appreciate and also create a beautiful backdrop for the champagne reception?”

Haven’t you both been working tirelessly to create a memorable day to remember for your family and friends also? With all of this love and effort you have been putting in to create a day to remember, why would you add in a wild card?

For me this is easy, I feel you should respect your parents and keep them happy it’s also a very special day for them, they would have been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl and wanting this great happiness for you.

So I feel on the day they should be able to feel comfortable in the presence of all your chosen guests and shouldn’t have to consider navigating around certain guests as they don’t want to end up in their company and feel uncomfortable.

I also feel in the lead up to your day, it may begin to cause concern for your parents especially if you have a receiving line and they have to engage in small talk and shake hands with your ex-partners who they as you put it “despise”.

This in turn I feel will cause extra anxieties in the lead up to your day, that you can all do without.

So how to keep everyone happy?

You and your husband after the wedding can send invites to your exes (individually I hope) to join you both for supper. You can then share your photos and favourite memories from your day. I feel this is a really lovely way to make them feel included and they will be touched that you took the time to share this special time in your life’s with them.

Lots of Love

Mr. Pickles



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