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Need to knowWe do hate to break it to you but at some point, the wedding planning is going to come to an end. All that work and all that thought will stop and, if you’ll take our word for it, that moment should come exactly when you open your eyes on your wedding day. This longed-for day isn’t when you should be stressing about details, worrying about suppliers or doing battle with last minute hitches. Oh no. This is your wedding day and every moment should be one to savour. So, how can you guarantee yourself a day without drama? Well, lovely readers, here’s some insider info that might just make it smoother for you…

Firstly, can we recommend that you have some breakfast, even if it’s just a little toast or grapes?  It’s a long day with hours before your wedding breakfast and having something in your stomach can really settle your nerves.  Try and avoid too much alcohol too as sometimes, this can make you feel much worse.  Of course, a little champagne is always allowed!

Every dewy-eyed newlywed will tell you how quickly the day goes and the time before the ceremony is no exception, despite what you might think! And if one thing if guaranteed to stress you out, it’s the moment when you look at the clock, realise you’ll be saying your vows in less than an hour and you’ve still not got the dress on! Write a sensible time plan and let everyone know what should be happening when.Build in a bit of flexibility though so if styling your hair takes a little longer than you thought it might, it’s not a major crisis. If there are lots of you being pampered, decide in advance the order everyone will be seen in then there are no decisions to be made on the day. Oh, and don’t forget the button-up top for the morning – you don’t want to be pulling anything over your hair or make-up once you’re finished and if your dress is strapless, you might want to go sans brassiere first thing to avoid marks on your shoulders later.


As we all know, it’s good to talk and a good chat with all your suppliers before the big day can wipe out a lot of worries. If you know when your chosen dream team will be arriving, what their plans are, what they’ll need, you’ll have a lot less to panic about. Similarly, telling them about anything you’re worried about in advance will mean they can help you out. Wedding suppliers are good, but they’re not psychic so if there’s something you really would like or something you’d do anything to avoid, let everyone know in advance. Take their advice regarding timings (especially for photography and food!) and if you’re concerned that a downpour will wipe out your outdoor plans or that a certain guest who’s a little too fond of the drink will photo-bomb your first dance, speak up and give the pros the opportunity to help you out.


One of the things that really seems to be at the root of a lot of bridal stress on the day is the unknown, particularly not knowing what’s happening next and the knowledge that things need to moving. This is where having someone who’s got your back all day is so incredibly valuable, whether it’s a professional planner or a trusted friend. Let them keep one eye on the watch, let them remind you what’s the next thing on the agenda and let them be the one that deals with any issues. It must be said that this is a big job for a friend – they’ll need to make any decisions on your behalf and liaise with suppliers if things need to change – but if you’ve got someone who knows you better than you know yourself, someone who’s calm in any crisis and someone you’d trust with your wedding plans then you’ve got the ideal candidate for the job. This is the person that should deal with any hic-cups before they give you indigestion – it’s not your place. You’re no longer the wedding planner, you’re the bride and this is your wedding, it’s not another day at the office.


Despite your pre-event pre, sometimes things might change. The rain might scupper the outdoor drinks reception you’d hoped for or the band might need a little longer to set up than planned but just try to roll with it.  Guests won’t notice if you avoid descending into drama queen mode and they’ll all be having a great time mingling and chatting anyway and, if the first dance is 15 minutes later than planned, it doesn’t really matter so roll with it – be a relaxed wife, a great host and remember that the planning’s over.

Photography by  Mark Bothwell

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