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Dear Mr. Pickles,

How cute are you!

I have been discussing with my planner and my caterer the issue of feeding my suppliers on the day. My planner says that we will get a much better response from our suppliers if we feed them and take care of them during the day, but I am trying to manage my budget which is tight and hence why I am being careful.

My caterer has advised let them fend for themselves on the day.

Who do you think I should  do?

I think I should have happy suppliers as they are part of my wedding day and the experience, so I think I should take my wedding planner’s advice, what do you think?

Thank you so much for your help.


Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your lovely comment it made my whiskers twitch.

I whole heartily agree with your wedding planner, it’s extremely good wedding etiquette to feed and look after your suppliers on your wedding day.

For many suppliers, it’s an incredibly long and very busy day (for some suppliers it will be 12 hours +) and ensuring they have a break during the wedding and have something hot to eat is essential.

A lot of venues are very accommodating and will be able to review spaces within the venue that you can use for your “green room” for your suppliers on the wedding day. This will allow them to take a break and for your photographer to do that very important back up of their first batch of images from your wedding.

I would also advise you check with your suppliers their dietary requirements so you are aware of any allergies so you can advise your caterer, and offer a few meal options and meet each individual’s needs.

I would also advise you speak to your caterer about also about timings and when they can feed your suppliers during the day, it’s essential for your photographer and film team to be fed as closely after your guests starters/mains are laid to ensure they have eaten and can return to capture the speeches a very important part in telling the story of your wedding day.

Your caterer may not be able to feed all suppliers at the same time, as the wedding breakfast service will be in full flow and the team will be focused on delivering this. Speak to your caterer and review other times when they can serve the other suppliers meals and build these into your timings and share these with your suppliers so they are aware of the catering schedule.

Also if you want to earn serious brownie points set up a beverage and snack station that gets replenished during the day, with water, tea and coffee, and some biscuits, fruit, and nibbles. If you are feeling a little flush a cooler also with some cans of coke and diet coke for those figure watchers amongst us will be gratefully received. 

With the recent spate of good weather, you can see it’s essential to keep your suppliers well and hydrated so they can do their job on the day.

Have a happy sunny weekend

Mr. Pickles x


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