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Ma BelleThrough The Tigerlily, blog I want to share my enthusiasm for great design and my everlasting love for weddings.  By revealing some of the top dresses for 2013, reviewing the extraordinarily talented dress designers available here in the UK, and really targeting how to find the right dress for your shape…you will have the repertoire you need to conquer one of the greatest shopping adventures you’ll ever face.

So before we jump into whether you are a mermaid-style girl or you want the ultimate princess poof…let’s talk venue!  Before you step foot into a bridal boutique, think about the type of wedding you want to create…remember this is your opportunity to tell a story to your guest and that story is representative of you and your beloved and the journey you took to find each other.

For example, you have decided a beautiful garden wedding represents you; and the delicate flowers filled with the pastel colours of Spring is symbolic of your new beginning.  Many brides may feel that a vintage slim silhouette gown is their only option.  I disagree.  Though there are many vintage inspired gowns in today’s market, there are other options.  Look at the fabric of a dress…does it fit your venue?

Think about your stunning garden setting and natures soft touches.  Take those details and translate them into your dress.  Look at soft silks, like georgette, coupled with Chantilly laces and delicate beading.  Picture a simple Audrey Hepburn neckline and large flowing skirt made from silk satin-faced organza…now take one of the inspirational flowers from your garden and match the colour to a grosgrain sash.  You look like you should be in a perfume advertisement it’s that perfect…and not a vintage bead, brooch, or silk flower in sight.

Accessories are a big part of the story!  Remember, we are still in your garden…but just because we are surrounded by flowers doesn’t mean you have to wear them.  Pearls offer a beautifully soft touch but are still very grown up…they say “I’m fierce” in a sophisticated way.  If you want more sparkle, add a comb in your hair and simple diamond stud earrings.  Keep in mind jewellery is like make-up…if you’re going to do eyes…go light on the lipstick.   And finally…nothing says bride like a fabulous veil.  It’s ok to let your veil make a statement.  If you are wearing a slim gown it’s ok to still have a significantly long veil.

It gives the look substance.  And if you are still in the simple Audrey Hepburn dress we created above then add a luxurious lace trim.  It will finish your look and compliment the delicate surroundings in your garden.

So the pen is in your hand! As you begin writing the story behind your look think about all of the small details that will contribute to your fairy-tale ending. Textures, colours, and light and Let them inspire you…


Words Ma Belle

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