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Wedding Day VPL


Let me start by saying…all brides are beautiful regardless if they are curvy, skinny, hourglass , apple,  pear…or any other fruit you can think of.  As a bridal designer we have seen every type of bride and each and every one makes our job incredibly special as we can create a garment that is right for them…their dress…”the one” that fits them in every way…body, mind and spirit.

Ok now I’m going to take the gloves off…

When you are going to bridal appointments to try on dresses it is a very good idea (aka. Mandatory!) to bring the appropriate undergarments.  Wearing a pair of bright yellow briefs with smiley faces don’t scream bride…in fact they scream a lot of other things.  If selecting a very structured big princess puff by all means rock on in the most rebellious panties ever!  But if you are choosing to wear a slim line gown (which is hugely popular at the moment) that is going to hug the figure that I’m sure you have been scrutinizing for the last 6 months…then there are a variety of undergarments that can perfect your personal canvas and will ensure the gown you choose to adorn your fabulousness  is presented in the best possible way.

The dreaded VPL …. not on your wedding day…not on any day!  There are so many options for seamless panties.  I always suggest brides opting for seamless shorts.  These can be found at Debenhams, Victoria’s Secret, or Marks and Spencer just to name a few.

Though seamless panties are a great option for some, most could benefit from a type of control fit undergarment.  Yes…I said it….the dreaded Spanx!  I was recently out of the country and heard the most refreshing advertisement on the radio…. “Spanx for all sizes…small, medium, to extra luscious, search for the right Spanx for you to embrace and protect your curves.”  Wow! The idea of being proud of ones curves is fabulous; but encouraging all sizes to look to undergarments that perfect the foundation under their clothes is spot on!  It doesn’t matter if you are a size 8 or a size 16, have had children or not, exercise 5 times a week…or never;  control fit undergarments give brides confidence.  Remember, a group of your nearest and dearest will be staring at your back half for a considerable amount of time during your service!

The top is just as important as the bottom.  Depending on your dress design a standard strapless bra might be appropriate and it is quite personal the fit you will choose.  However, brides should know there are some great backless bras available now.  Marks and Spencer has a truly backless bra that offers proper support.  And of course don’t forget the all-important chicken fillets that are a super addition to a corset style dress…they just give you that little lift that makes you stand a bit taller.

So the options above aren’t the most appealing I know.  Nothing a little retail therapy can’t fix!  There are so many beautiful options for bridal lingerie.  Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Rigby & Peller, Fred & Ginger… treat yourself to a few beautiful pieces to hide in your suitcase for your honeymoon.

Keep in mind when everyone is looking at your wedding photos commenting on how beautiful and svelte you looked in your dress…you can think to yourself,  “Yes, I was a seamless wonder”.  Of course you will credit the religious juice diet you were on…a girl has to have a few secrets!

Love yourself, remember you are beautiful!

Ma Belle


Illustration by Kelly Smith

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