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Ma BelleHello My Fashion Lovers!

So over the past few weeks I have gone to fashion heaven via New York, London, Milan, and Paris… every couple of minutes in my office you will hear a squeal followed by….”Have you seen the new collection by….” Or “Have you seen these shoes….” Or “I love the make-up at…..”

Yep…this is a bridal blog so I am going to take my obsession with fashion and the new trends and discuss how these can transition into your bridal look or even how turning some of these pieces into your actual dress is completely OK. Yes…I went there…you don’t have to buy a dress from a bridal boutique or even from a bridal designer…and guess what? You are still a bride! Some of you might be thinking as a bridal wear designer….aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot? No because we always design with ready to wear in mind at our label because a bride should wear a piece on her special day that is an extension of her natural style. This will allow the bride to feel at her most comfortable….the piece will not be wearing her….and most of all her groom won’t run for the hills when he sees a stranger walking towards him on the most nerve racking day of his life! If you like clean lines every day then you will probably like clean lines on your special dress. This doesn’t mean your dress has to be simple to the point of boring but it also means that the disco ball dress with the 1,200 ruffles on the skirt should be hauled away during your appointment…because it just isn’t you. If you are fashion forward everyday of your life (and you cried while watching Sex and the City…because some of the pieces were vintage and you couldn’t find them anywhere …. Yeah that was me!)…I would suspect your guest may be slightly disappointed if your dress fails to push the boundaries just a bit.

So let’s look at some of the beautiful collections that were shown for Fall/Winter…be warned you may fall in love!

dior 2

Dior…it’s all in the name….I’m not even sure if I need to continue…. The silhouettes in this collection were so beautiful and feminine. The structured bodices paired with tea length puff skirts in bright colours were indicative of a modern Audrey Hepburn. For my brides that are looking for a short dress for their special day…look to this style! If you are like me I LOVE shoes and this is your moment and your ultimate excuse to buy your dream pair because like a veil or a tiara your shoes will be a feature to your overall look (you can’t hide them…). So as you are running your card at the till just keep telling yourself… they are fabulous and I can wear them again…completely worth the “investment!”

Dior 1

As these are the Fall/Winter collections we saw a lot of winter white….this is an amazing colour for all skin tones as it isn’t a stark white which can sometimes be very unflattering. Victoria Beckham really grabbed this trend with her line and offered beautiful dresses that could definitely double as a wedding dress for the laid back bride wanting to be chic but not over done on her big day. Fabric has a huge part to play in this…she used beautiful georgettes and organzas to create movement in the designs and sex appeal. Ready to wear options like these can be great for destination weddings as they don’t have the stiff structured silhouette that many wedding dresses offer.

V Beckham

Many ready to wear designers have bridal lines as well…so you are bound to see very wedding worthy pieces in their collections. My favourite….Oscar De La Renta….yes he usually gets it right but his high-low skirts and velvet touches were just so glamorous and the prints he used…well…just perfection! I love prints on wedding dresses if done right…it adds texture and dimension to your piece and depending on the fabric can look (and be) very expensive!

oscar de la renta 1

Oscar also paired his dresses with fur accessories… ok so this is a touchy subject with me (and millions of other people) as I am a huge animal lover and choose not to use fur in my designs (or wear it) but it isn’t my place to criticise those that do…however if you are like me there are some amazing faux fur options out there that will give you the look, not break the bank… and you save a life! If your wedding is in the cooler months these are great pieces to have…as there is no shame in wanting to be warm on your special day….teeth chattering in your pictures is just not cute…and in most cases you will be able to tell you were freezing.

oscar de la renta 2

I adore the idea of pairing a beautiful silk dress with a wool/knitted accessory….this is especially beautiful if you are getting married outside or in a rural setting like a restored barn…look for a chunky knitted scarf that you can wrap around your shoulders and neck. Cashmere is a softer (and more expensive) look but can give the same effect. A fluid silk dress paired with the textured warmer fabric offers instant sex appeal. Check out Temperley’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection for a really good example of this!

Temperley 2014

Since we are discussing how to stay warm let’s go to the sheer fabric trend… Many brides really steer away from sheers as it can be too revealing and impossible to wear anything underneath. We saw sheer in so many collections this season….a surprise came from Andrew Gn as he is usually known for his very lady-like pieces so he is a great example of how some sheer can be just stunning. He paired his below the knee plissé skirts with briefs which for a bridal look may be too risqué….but as his collection continued his longer skirts with lining that only extended half way were beautiful and the movement in the pieces were exquisite. Again this is a great way to highlight your shoes but also allows your dress to appeal to an amazing outdoor setting like a garden or beach. Remember your venue/location is part of the look…look at it like an accessory!

Andrew Gn

Just as important as your dress your make-up should be a very important variable! The winner this year is definitely Carolina Herrera! The beautiful berry lips on the models paired with stronger eyebrows were so striking but not over worked…completely wearable!

Carolina H

Your wedding look is an extension of you so embrace your style and look to ways to make it glamorous and memorable…but still you! Use your ready to wear wardrobe to help guide you and you will naturally gravitate to your special dress.


Ma Belle


Image 1 Dior

Image 2 Dior

Image 3 Victoria Beckham

Image 4 Oscar De La Renta

Image 5 Oscar De La Renta

Image 6 Temperley

Image 7 Andrew Gn

Image 8 Carolina Herrera

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