I Will Survive

High Heels I Will Survive

We all know essential footwear for every bride on her wedding is a beautifully designed set of high heels.

But as designers, designs become even more creative and us ladies are addicted to skyscraper heels,  how can you ensure you get thorough your wedding day with your feet in peek condition to still be able to dance the night away?

Even the most accomplished heel wearers can be unsteadied by the thought of wearing heels for up to 12 hours. As always Tigerlily is on hand to share our hints and tips to guide you.

The Basics

  • If you are buying off the high street make sure you get shoes professionally fitted when purchasing
  • Don’t give in to temptation, if you see the most beautiful pair of shoes and they are the last pair on sale and they are just half a size too small. Do not buy them and whilst your squeezing your feet in to these shoes saying under your breath  “there stretch”.We promise you they will stretch only a little and will be uncomfortable on the day, you will thank us for this….
  • Choose a shoe with a reasonable heel height, it is advised 4-4.5 inches and below is normally where most women feel comfortable in heels
  • Begin to wear your shoes in 3 weeks before the wedding, wearing for a few hours a week around the house, this way you can keep them clean but you begin to break them in and get used to the height and feel of them. Also try to practice your first dance in them with your groom,  if you find it difficult in your wedding shoes you can  plan in a shoe change
  • A few days before your wedding give your feet a break from heels and wear flats
  •  I always advise brides to also have a pair of flats or lower pair of heels to change in to just in case on the day

The Must HavesWe also had a little look around for you, and outline some of the must-have products for your wedding shoes on the day.

  • If you have marble or tiled floors within your church or venue ceremony area and you are worried about the sound of your steps while walking up the aisle, you will love Clickless a clever little invention for silencing  heel noise and they are virtually undetectable
  • Another little cutie on the market which is helpful for brides celebrating their big day in the winter, is Heart Stoppers these helpful little hearts stick to the bottom of your sole, providng more grip and prevent you sliding around if it is wet or icy underfoot. These also look ever so pretty and us ladies love pretty
  • On the day if you have to walk on lawns and there has been a little wet or damp weather and your worried about sinking or damaging your shoes you will find these Penny Heels a must have to stop you sinking but also ensure if you have silk shoes stop them from becoming discoloured send
  • If you fancy having a little pair of fold always flats that fit in your beautifully formed clutch, then try Supa soles or tipsy feet. You could also be a bridal legend and buy these for your bridesmaids as an extra little thank you gift, as they would have been on their feet all day bringing the glamour to the wedding just like you

So now you are armed with this must-have guide, remember show no fear, walk tall, feel confident and enjoy your day and you and your shoes will look fabulous!


Images  Tigerlily Pinterest 

Words by Penelope Cullen Tigerlily

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