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When you imagine what you’re going to wear on your wedding day, it probably involves a beautiful gown, perhaps a pair of heels and – maybe – a veil. No doubt what you put on as soon as you wake up isn’t at the front of your mind. Well, that’s because you haven’t yet heard of Good Morning Beautiful.

The brain-child of husband and wife team Bella and Fiachra Maloney, Good Morning Beautiful specialises in luxury dressing gowns with a difference. Think colourful, flowing and happy-inducing and you’re halfway to understanding why these gowns should be on your wedding day wish list.

“My favourite part of someone’s wedding day pictures has always been the ones where they’re getting ready,” says Bella, when explaining where the idea for Good Morning Beautiful came from. “These photographs really show the friendship and bond between a group of women. I had this in mind when thinking about the pictures from the morning of my own wedding day in September 2012. These girls had seen me through 27 years of ups and downs, so our morning together was almost like a rite of passage. In fact – during the morning I was probably more focused on them than my future husband!


It was Bella and Fiachra’s wedding that proved the catalyst for Good Morning Beautiful, as Bella discovered she couldn’t find any dressing gowns already on the market that she wanted to wear on the morning of her wedding. “I found the fabric in India and got a selection of dressing gowns made for the bridesmaids at my own wedding,” explains Bella. “We wore them on the morning of my wedding day and it meant my bridesmaids had something to remind them of the day that they could actually use afterwards. It’s a gift that can still serve a purpose ten years down the line. I’ve worn mine a lot since then too.”

These gowns helped the germ of an idea to form, as Bella realised that other brides may want something similar for their own wedding day. “I don’t imagine these dressing gowns are going to change the world,” says Bella. “But if I can put a smile on someone’s face first thing in the morning, then it’s a good start. We all want to feel beautiful on our wedding day – but why shouldn’t we feel beautiful every day?”

With vibrant colours, bold floral patterns and a contemporary twist, it’s difficult to imagine feeling anything other than beautiful while wearing one of these dressing gowns – even if you have a head full of rollers and are yet to apply your makeup. Early morning photographs? No problem.

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“My inspiration came from finding a part of the day that is so special and hasn’t really been tapped into yet – it’s a part of the wedding day psyche that has been overlooked before,” says Bella. “Most brides will tell you the morning of their wedding is a special time, everyone is comfortable and happy and the pictures reflect that. Better to be photographed laughing in a beautiful dressing gown than a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a vest top!”

Regardless of your size, age, height and colour, a Good Morning Beautiful dressing gown will suit you. And that’s something that was at the forefront of Bella’s mind when creating the company. “A dressing gown doesn’t have to fit a size 8. It’s about making every single woman feel good. It’s not off limits to anyone. As a woman who isn’t a size 8, I know there are certain parts of the fashion industry that only cater for the smaller size. I want to celebrate all women and their beauty. I want to make people feel good.”

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There are so many personal elements to the Good Morning Beautiful story that it’s hard not to be touched by Bella’s passion and enthusiasm. Not only did the idea originate from Bella and Fiachra’s own wedding experience, but the birthplace of the fabrics they use for their dressing gowns is also significant. “We have a real passion for India,” explains Bella. “Although we have all production in the UK, we are also keen to support Indian craftsmanship and attention to detail with the fabrics we use. The Rosalie collection features a vibrant print, it’s floral but the Indian twist makes it a bit different. It gives the floral look a beautiful, young, fresh take.”

While it’s not the exact same design that Bella had for her own wedding day dressing gown, the fabric is equally soft and indulgent, something she was keen to replicate with the Rosalie collection. “When I first put on my own dressing gown I looked in the mirror and felt more beautiful than I did in my wedding dress,” says Bella. “In fact, it made me rethink my wedding dress completely! The material was so soft against my skin and it made my curves look great. It made me smile. I decided that if I was going to create something and turn this into a business then it had to be something that would make people smile.”

There’s a joyfulness about these dressing gowns which is hard to ignore. It may be the ethos behind the company, as much as the vibrant print and soft cut of the gowns themselves, but whatever it is, we’re totally on board. So what advice does Bella have to take that joy and keep it going all the way through your wedding preparations?


“Don’t get stressed!” laughs Bella. “Enjoy the planning process and let it bring you even closer as a couple. Treat it as a special time. Try and see all the wedding admin as part of the fun. For example, if you need to sort out the table plans, get in a bottle of Prosecco and do it over some bubbles and a Sunday roast. Enjoy it! Your relationship is the key to it all after all.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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Words by Molly Forbes Tigerlily

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