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The GetawayHere at Tigerlily we love to bring you variety in our journal. We like to bring you serious articles, empowering articles, a smattering of humour, a canine Agony Uncle, playlists to groove to, competitions to swoon to, images to lust after, food to drool over… you get the gist. Variety makes us excited, and from everything that you are telling us, it keep you excited too.

We are pretty chuffed to introduce our brand new monthly feature called The Getaway. It’s about, well clearly now, it’s about getting away from it all. But with a twist, (naturally, we wouldn’t want to just bring you your average travel feature).

What do you want from your honeymoon (or mini-moon a trend that has recently become de riguer)? Solitude? Luxury? Activities? Long, white sandy beaches? Amazing local food? Something out of the ordinary? At least one of those we wager.

Here’s where things get a bit different: The Getaway is going to bring you exciting, original and quirky destinations, nearly all of which are available on very short haul. And by short haul we mean a hop in the car or a train. Who needs luggage restrictions? Who needs twelve hours of exhausting flights lack of leg room, not to mention extremely grubby small toilet cubicles (shudder)? All of these destinations can be booked for a weekend stay or longer if you prefer. The reality of modern life (and modern weddings) is that it’s not always terribly practical to drop everything and swan off for a fortnight, a month, or whatever you are talking about straight after your wedding: granted, you will need a break. The planning! The planning! The politics! The money you’ve spent! The fact you say two words that aren’t wedding-related to your betrothed for months beforehand! All this did, in fact, lead us to come up with our very own Love Scarlett definition of honeymoon (it’s what the brochures don’t tell you):

The HoneymoonThe holiday directly following a couple’s nuptials necessitated by the brutal reality that the amount of time, effort and sheer planning has left you both exhausted. Time to reconnect and remember why you got married in the first place. (With a little bit of *that* thrown in, obvs.)

The reality is that, be it a honeymoon, or just a weekend away, we all need a break sometimes. So yes, as a wedding journal we are coming at this from a high romance perspective – log fires, country walks, Bedouin style yurts with outdoor showers and all manner of tactile throws, Rapunzel Tower-esque solitude, not to mention the treehouses and Shepherd’s huts that had us reaching for our bags grateful for the fact they advertise NO Wifi: we all of us need a little bit of romance in our lives. A little bit of ‘us’ time away from the office/kids/dramas/work/housework/cooking. And so whether you are looking for a getaway for your honeymoon or whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or, well sod it, just a weekend away the two of you. This is for you.

So yes, the United Kingdom (and Ireland too just so as you don’t catch us out). It’s Love Scarlett’s favourite Romantic Destination. I know! Who knew?! Paris and the Maldives have nothing on this pick of little gems, they’re like so 2011. Each time we feature The Getaway we’re going to pick something for everyone. We could go on, and on, and on about why we chose them, but why prevaricate? Let us just cut to the chase and say feast your eyes, get booking, and come back for more of the same next month. Oh, and if you happen to know of any little secret places that you think we should feature, please do email us, we’d love to hear about them*.

(*ie have an excuse for a weekend away from the aforementioned office/kids/dramas /work/housework/cooking etc…etc…). Enjoy.

For the adventure lovers who want a bit of solitude

How does a luxury bedsit in the middle of a forest with an ice plunge pool grotto sound? You’ve got to see The Bath House to believe it. And, if you really are brave and make use of the aforementioned plunge pool, we’re sure that you can find a way to warm up afterwards… (clearly, a nice brisk walk round the forest, we have no idea what else you could have meant).

Bath House,2007,3


For the foodies

For some of us, a breakaway is not complete without the chance to sample some of the finest food of our lives. Washed down with the finest wine naturally. For those of you for who no stay away is complete without a gourmet experience on the side, Simon Rogen’s at L’ Enclume offers accommodation and food, all under one roof. And when we say food, we’re talking about exceptionally good food. You also have the exceptional picturesque  village of Cartmel and the sprawling mountains of the Lake District to explore.

L'Enclume 3-large


High up in the trees

For anyone who’s ever watched Star Wars (we wager that’s the vast majority of the world) and wanted to live like an Ewok, this is for you… but with a little more luxury… and a free-standing copper bath thrown in to boot. And, you know, no small hairy creatures called Wicket. Probably. Harptree court is a fabulous, sky-high penthouse in the tress,  near Bath in Somerset. We can’t think of any better way to sleep than under a canopy of stars.



By the sea…

Sometimes you simply can’t beat the sound of the waves lulling you to sleep, waking you in the morning and being the soundtrack to your days. This little gem, called Martello Tower is on the beach with its own drawbridge (that is to say, it has a bridge, it just doesn’t draw, but we like to think it could.)


Martello Tower 2

For the nature lover

Luxury is for some of us, but sometimes, sometimes something a little more rustic, a little more subdued, a little more subtle is the order of the day. For those longing to get back to basics (but not quite basic basics if you know what we mean), nature and a corner of Wales all to themselves, we found this idyllic Romany Caravan with a shepherd’s hut attached. But if you’re over 6ft 2inches, you won’t fit in the bed… at least it comes with a warning…



Words  by Harriet Rouse Tigerlily


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