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favour flaveYou’ve got the design, the shape and the size. You know the finish you’re looking for and you know where the cake will sit in the venue. Maybe you’ve even selected the knife you will use to cut your cake. But there’s still one thing missing: the final construction of that delicious, joyful flavour.

In the journey for your ideal wedding cake, the tasting part is, arguably, the best bit. Perhaps you want to evoke a nostalgic memory as your guests taste your cake; maybe you have a grandmother who loves carrot cake and a great uncle who has always hankered after a moist chocolate gateaux. Whatever the essence of your final choice, the only way you can truly unlock it is through that special tasting process.

To help make the most of your cake tasting session, the team behind the luxury wedding cakes at GC Couture have some useful advice. Having made cakes for some of the world’s most fabulous weddings, with flavours ranging from the (genius) “fruit without bits” and “chocolate and chilli”, with fablouse cake names to match,  we think we’re leaving you in pretty safe hands.

Here’s Sach, from GC Couture

Audrey Cake

Choosing your cake company – the first step to your wedding cake partnership

By the time you come to start thinking about flavour, the chances are you’ve already narrowed down your style and design. So if you’re not a fan of a company’s look then tasting their flavours may be a wasted effort (even if eating cake doesn’t sound like much of an effort!). The first step in your journey to beautiful flavour is to pick a couple of cake design companies that best reflect your own style.

Racquel Cake

It’s all about the stamina – so eat a light meal

Don’t come to a cake tasting on a completely empty stomach or you’ll risk giving yourself a headache with too much sugar. Equally, don’t come having had a large meal. Make sure you’ve left plenty of room for dessert but that you have enough stamina to try lots of different flavours. Look at the session as a delicious marathon of tastes you need to get through, savour and prepare for.

Don’t do a blind cake date – have a wish list

Cake tasting is a great balancing act. While you don’t want to restrict yourself too much by convincing yourself you need to have a traditional fruitcake, you also don’t want to confuse yourself by trying every flavour out there. Create a wish list of flavours, prompted by the favourites of some of your guests or those tastes of nostalgia you want to evoke. This will help you avoid going into “flavour meltdown” as you try every single option.

Whitney writingSavour the experience and ditch the diet

Let go of the guilt, obviously! Cake tasting is an experience to savour, to laugh about and revel in. It’s not the time for calorie counting.

Two mouths are better than one

It’s always a good idea to bring at least one other person to a cake tasting session with you. Bring too many and you may risk getting confused, but one or two other people could help you make a bold decision you might be wary of on your own.

And of course, it goes without saying that anyone you bring along should, preferably, be a big fan of cake.

Words by Sach Singh GC Couture

Photography by Segerius – Bruce

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