The Dark Romantic

dark romantic

There is nothing more inspiring than a floral collection that’s truly inspired by eclectic music, early mornings, late nights, and rock and roll.

Forget perfection, think bend the rules and keep it true and wild and you will begin to get an understanding of this inspiration behind this new collection created by the ever so talented Jay Archer.

We feel honoured that Jay has chosen Tigerlily to share the “first look” at this beautiful new collection which is filled with chocolate cosmos, black elderflower, Himalayan honeysuckle, artichokes, gold leaf figs, astilbe, and astrantia, to name but a few.

So for those style aficionados among you, set your clocks and we will see you here Monday at 9.00am sharp, remember don’t be late…


Flowers by  Jay Archer

Photography by Ben Robertson 

Styling by Hannah Gooch

Words by Penelope Cullen Tigerlily

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