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Creative BriefHere at Tigerlily we are all about the inspirational. That’s why we’re proud to announce “Creative Brief”, a new series on wedding design, offering practical guidance so you can create your very own awe-inspiring wedding.

This feature will run over 6 weeks, so be sure to come back every Thursday and check out the new dazzling array of ideas we’ve put together for you.

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about the journey of how to put together the perfect colour palette for your wedding. This week we’re covering the first steps in the wedding design process, to help you get started.

We all know the best-laid plans start with an amazing design!

Where To Start

If you have already secured your wedding venue this will be the visual foundation of where your wedding design starts.

Arrange a visit to your venue and spend some time looking at all the spaces you will be using for your wedding celebration.

I always advise that you document your visit so get your trusty camera and take lots of photos: photograph spaces, details and things you adore within the venue. Also note those details that you don’t like. This pictorial reference will be an invaluable source of reference as you go through planning your wedding design and briefing suppliers for your wedding.

Another good tip is to speak to your venue and look at previous weddings held there. Many venues have a selection of wedding albums which will help you to see how other couples have used the spaces and how they have incorporated the venue’s design details. If the venue’s albums have little detail or are outdated, you can research previous weddings at the venue on the internet.


Couple Style

This is where you get to know your style and what you prefer. Do you love modern cool or the classics?

Do you see your guests tucking in to Great British fare or feasting alfresco style on an Italian deli on rustic style banqueting tables under country garden blue skies?

Can you see your guests coolly sipping champagne from beautiful engraved vintage coups or drinking the finest ales?

When you see the guests dancing do you imagine them dancing into the night under a canopy of stars?

Whatever your style you have to ask yourself these questions to understand and start honing your “couple style”. Once you have this you can begin to approach your wedding design.

Creative brief 9

When I work with couples designing their wedding, they sometimes begin the process with words. For example, I had a bride who recently said, “I want my wedding to feel like the fun of a fair with elements of circus and lots of vintage detail.”

We designed the wedding and it aptly became named the “Urban Fete”. I will be featuring this wedding and sharing the mood board, the wedding design process and wedding images so you can see how their design translated to their venue and day.

Words are such a good place to start, as not only do they excite and inspire, but they are also a good place to begin your research and start collecting imagery.

Other couples begin by getting that very first and important wedding magazine and having a mountain of tear pages, showing lots of wedding pretty.

Meanwhile, some couples love looking at real weddings and picking out styles and ideas within these, to begin piecing together their vision.

We also find some couples already have a clear idea of their perfect day; perhaps they have always dreamt of a bohemian wedding stuffed with wildflowers and lots of old-fashioned cocktails, with their guests dancing in a field until sunrise.

These explorations will help you start to build and shape your wedding design.

Next week we will have Tigerlily’s definitive guide in wedding styles, from retro eclectic to ethereal whimsy. We will also be looking at how to take concepts and inspiration to reality, designing mood boards and creative briefs for suppliers who will bring your design to life.

This is the place to come if you are seeking a spark for your own creative flair. We’ll be sharing all our resources and wedding planning expertise, so make sure you come back next week, we can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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Image 1  Fanni Williams & Rahel Menig

Image 2 Rahel Menig

Image 3 Glitter Weddings

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