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Flawless makeup…

We all love to achieve that naturally flawless makeup look; you know like you get out of bed, looking amazing and when other women see you they tut and shuffle off. We all want to be in the “I don’t really need to try tribe” but we all know this isn’t true… Don’t we? It’s time to admit and keep it straight that the pressure is on. That pressure, you know what I’m talking about, for you to be your best amazing self, polished to perfection and looking beautiful on your wedding day. This very thought alone, is enough make the sanest of us want to run away in terror and hide. As always, your cheerleader Love Scarlett is on hand to deal with this little dilemma; and over the next few weeks we will assist you through the maze of products and techniques. We will also be sharing lots of beauty secrets, advice, tips and little “cheats” to get perfection from some of the industry’s leading experts, covering hair, skin, make-up and all things beauty. We’re also launching our “ask the experts” session’s which give you direct access to our “beauty mavens” to ask your must have questions. So […]

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