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Wedding Photography Advice

The List Wedding Photography Advice

The noise around couples about “what to do” when they are planning their wedding can be deafening.

One topic that I see discussed time and time again within the industry are these essential lists of planning your wedding photography.

It really got me thinking about how couples get overwhelmed with all the mixed messages of advice around them when planning their wedding. So Love Scarlett is going to set the record straight on a few wedding planning topics over the next few weeks so you can get the lowdown and restore calm in your life.

Planning your essential list of photography for your wedding day is easy, you don’t need “80 must have shots” do you know why? Your Photographer is a professional and you chose them because when you saw their work you got butterflies and it spoke to you.

You loved the way they captured the excitement of everyone while getting ready, the images of the ever so important wedding shoes that took the bride weeks to find “the ones”. The smile on the face of the bride when she was preened to perfection and just about to leave for her ceremony and marry the one she loves.

The way she/he captured the guests during the ceremony, reception, wedding breakfast, speeches, smiling, laughing, chatting and engaged in moments the couple had created for them that will be meaningful to them forever.

You also love their eye and how they captured all the other yummy details, the picture of Chanel No 5 the brides choice of scent that day, the venue, flowers, stationery, wedding cake, food, sky, and the crazy dancing at the end that made you laugh and feel like you wish you could have been on that dance floor throwing some shapes…

So why try and control their art and vision?

Wedding Photography Advice

I understand you want it all to be perfect, but you have to remember so do they. They want to deliver you the best images of you and your day that reflect, your love, your family and friends and the moments that made your wedding day unique and amazing.

So trust them, discuss what you loved about their work and what feeling and things are important to be captured on your wedding day, and they will do it.

Give your photographer a list of your formal images only, l have been very lucky and have worked with some of the best photographers in the industry over the last 8 years and we all suggest a list of 8 to 10 images maximum will capture all the must have family members on your wedding day.

Wedding Photography Advice Lisa Jane Photography

So what are our tips

  • Put together your draft formal list, then go and have a cup of tea and slice of cake with your families and check you haven’t forgotten anyone
  • Meet with your photographer before the wedding and run through the formal list and discuss location/s for this shoot
  • Before the wedding appoint 2 photographer helpers, they can then gather family members for the formal shoot, this allows you’re photographer to shoot the formal set quickly and ensure guests are not left hanging around and unattended to on you’re day
  • Stop reading lists

So it’s easy, it’s all here for you, so please go and enjoy your weekend and planning your amazing wedding.

Wedding Photography Advice

Photography By Lisa Jane Photography

Words By Penelope Cullen Love Scarlett

11 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Book a photographer you trust and let them do what they do best whilst you enjoy your wedding.

  2. Nice feature Penny. Absolutely what works best,I agree. I also find I produce the best work for clients that trust me in my vision…. and this is a nice reminder to think back to what drew you to your photographer’s work in the first place….

    • Hello my lovely lady,
      Wow it has totally made my day you stopping by and leaving a comment on LS, thank you. I wrote the post as there is so much misguidance out there and I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic and just keep it simple.

  3. Brilliant post. Such helpful advice for couples and the same could be said about all wedding suppliers – trust in them to do their job!

  4. Great article Penny. It always surprises me that magazines and other blogs offer advice to couples regarding their wedding photographer telling them to make these ‘must have’ lists. Every wedding is organic and unique, I’d hate to miss out on all of the great moments because I was checking shots off a list.
    We do what we do because we love photography and we love recording moments in time, preserving them for future generations.
    Weddings aren’t about the favours or the place names, they’re about the people.

    • Hey Paul,

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and for your super kind words and support.I have been lucky to work with you and I know you work super hard to capture all the details, people and moments so a couples wedding day is documented.

      I felt it might be useful for couples to listen to a different point of view on shoot lists. I decided to write this featured after being spurned on by a “80 must haves list” I recently encounted which frankly I baulked over and I felt it was time to set couples straight and try and start a new wave of thinking.

      Happy Sunday and love you to you and yours.

      Super hugs

  5. Hear hear Penny! Take it from a super pro experienced wedding planner who’s seen it all 😉 xx